Travel and Talks

Workshop and Conference Organiser

December 2019: SOC member of Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics, Portsmouth, UK.
July 2019: SOC member of General Relativity 22 Conference, Valencia, Spain.
February 2019: SOC member (responsible for diversity) for Aspen Conference on Gravitational Wave Astrophysics for Populations, Aspen Center of Physics, CO, USA.
February 2019: SOC member of PHAROS school on neutron star binary mergers, Jena, Germany.
August 2018: Co-convener for GW session, TeVPA, Berlin, Germany.
June 2018: Co-organiser of GSSI/FAIR workshop on nuclear physics with neutron star mergers, Darmstadt, Germany
June 2018:  Co-convener for Multi-messenger and GW session, CINAP, Palm Springs, CA, USA.
May 2018: Organiser (with Mundell and Peiris) of Royal Astronomical Society Meeting on GW astrophysics, London, UK
June 2017: The Physics of Extreme Gravity Stars, (chair with Davies, Fender, Kulkarni, Fynbo, Ofek), Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden.
May 2017: The labyrinth of the unexpected: unforeseen treasures in impossible regions of phase space, member of SOC, Kerastari, Greece, 29 May – 4 June 2017.
May 2017: Annual National Dutch Astronomy Conference (NAC 2017), Nijmegen, the Netherlands, chair of SOC and LOC, 22-24th May 2017.
May-June 2015: CSI PTA: Computation, Systematics, and Inference for Pulsar-Timing Arrays, and Beyond (with Kramer, Lommen, Siemens, Vallisneri), Aspen Center for Physics, Aspen CO, USA.

Upcoming Talks, Workshops and Science Meetings

(needs to be updated soon!)

February 2018, SRON (NL Space Science institute), invited, Utrecht, NL.
January 2018, University of Cambridge DAMTP colloquium, invited, Cambridge, UK.
December 2017, Texas Relativistic Astrophysics Conference, invited plenary, Cape Town, South Africa.
December 2017, Joe Silk’s 75th Birthday Conference, invited, Institut d’Astrophysique Paris, Paris, France.
November 2017, Multi-messenger astronomy, invited, Flatiron Institute, NYC, USA.
November 2017, Astrophysics Colloquia, invited, Institut d’Astrophysique Paris, Paris, France
November 2017, Lights, action and sound, Perimeter Institute, invited, Waterloo, Canada.
October 2017, Public Lecture on GW+EM for KNAW (Royal Dutch Society), invited, Amsterdam, NL.
October 2017, European Southern Observatory press conference, invited, Munich, Germany.
October 2017, Schulster Physics Colloquium, invited, University of Manchester, UK.
September 2017, The promises of gravitational wave astronomy, Royal Society, invited, London, UK.
August 2017, LIGO-Virgo Scientific Collaboration meeting, CERN, Switzerland/France.
August 2017, Nikhef PAX gravitational workshop, invited, Amsterdam, NL
August 2017, TeVPa Astroparticle conference, invited plenary, Ohio State University, USA
July 2017, IAU workshop on future of UVOIR, invited, Leiden, NL
July 2017, Black Holes and Fundamental physics, invited, Azores, PL.
May 2017, Fundamental Physics with the Square Kilometre Array Conference, invited, Mauritius.
March 2017, Neutron Stars and Multi-messenger astronomy, invited, Warsaw, Poland.
February 2017, Cosmology on safari, invited, South Africa.
October-November 2016, “Compact stars and gravitational waves” Conference and Workshop,  invited, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto, Japan.

October 2016, Royal Society “The transient and variable sky in the era of gravitational wave astronomy,” Chicheley Hall, invited, London, UK.
October 2016, 8th Gamma-ray burst Huntsville Symposium, invited, Alabama, USA.
October 2016, Hot-wiring the transient universe IV Conference, invited, Villanova University, USA.
August 2016, Gravitational-wave multi messenger astronomy Workshop, invited, Institut d’Astrophysique Paris, Paris, France.
August 2016, Supernova Through the Ages: Understanding the Past to Prepare for the Future,  invited, Easter Island.
July 2016, 21st International Conference on Gravitation and General Relativity,  invited plenary, NYC, USA.
July 2016, Binary Stars in Cambridge Conference,  invited, Cambridge, UK.
May 2016, Statistical Challenges in 21st Century Cosmology Conference, invited, Chania, Greece.
May 2016, The ninth Harvard-Smithsonian Sackler Conference on “The Transient Sky”, invited, Cambridge, USA.
—–Leave (maternity)——
April 2016, 2nd Anisotropic Universe Workshop: unveiling the anisotropic Universe, University of Amsterdam, invited review, Amsterdam, NL.
April 2016, The future of gravitational-wave astronomy, ICTS Bangalore, invited (remote), India.
March 2016, TEDX talk, invited, Belgium — could not go.
March 2016, Les Houches, Cosmology conference, invited, France  — could not go.
March 2016, University of Brussels Gravitational Wave Symposium, invited, Brussels, Belgium.
March 2016, Royal Astronomical Society Lambda CDM meet, invited, London, UK.
February 2016, Seminars on GW150914 @ Radboud, Amsterdam etc.
February 2016, LIGO-Virgo Press Conference, Pisa, Italy.
January 2016, Transient thinktank workshop, invited, Borneo, Italy.
November 2015: University of Oxford Physics Colloquium, invited, Oxford, UK.
November 2015: Cornell Astronomy Colloquium, invited, Ithaca, USA.
October 2015: TeV Astroparticle Conference, invited (remote), Kashiwa, Japan.
September 2015: eLISA workshop, invited talk, Norway.
September 2015: ASTRON colloquium, invited, The Netherlands.
September 2015: Radio Transients Workshop, invited, Oxford, UK.
September 2015: PhD Defense Committee, Observatoire de Cote d’Azur, Nice, France.
August 2015: Oskar Klein Center Colloquium,  invited, Stockholm University, AlbaNova, Sweden.
August 2015: Nick Scoville Birthday Symposium (invited talk), and IAU, Hawaii, USA.


July 2015: Fourteenth Marcel Grossman Conference on Recent Developments in Theoretical and Experimental General Relativity, Gravitation, and Relativistic Field Theory,  invited (GW sources and neutron star binary sessions),  Roma, Italy.
July 2015: Caltech Gravitational Wave Astrophysics School, invited, Pasadena, USA.
July 2015: NOAJ & University of Tokyo seminars,  invited, Tokyo, Japan.
June 2015: Eleventh Eduardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves,  invited plenary, Seoul, Korea.
May 2015: Aspen Center for Physics, co-organiserAspen CO, USA.
May 2015: Binary Neutron Star Workshop, invited, University Of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece.
May 2015: CEA (Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission) Cosmology & Astrophysics Seminar, invitedParis, France.
April 2015: SouthWest Research Institute (SWRI) Colloquium,  invited, Boulder, CO, USA.
April 2015: NRAO colloquium, invited, New Mexico, USA.

Past Invited Talks (colloquia, seminars and conferences from 2011 only)

2015: API (Anton Pannekoek Institute) colloquium University of Amsterdam, University of Nevada-Las Vegas astronomy colloquium, Royal Astronomical Society, “Surveying the transient Universe: from electromagnetic to gravitational waves” (general and specialist), Max Planck symposia, Max Planck for Radio Astronomy, Netherlands Astronomy Club, Albert Einstein Institute colloquium.

2014: “Transients’ Unsolved Mystery” Eilat Israel, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign Astronomy colloquium, Aspen Center for Physics, NYU Astrophysics seminar, Observatoire de Cote d’Azur Astronomy colloquium, Oxford Astrophysics SPI-max seminar, University of Amsterdam GRAPPA seminar, CU Boulder Astronomy colloquium.

2013: University of Penn. Astrophysics seminar, Hotwiring the Transients Universe conference (Sante Fe, New Mexico), LSST in Europe conference (Cambridge, UK), Caltech GW Astrophysics summer school, Radio Transients in the era of LSST conference (Charlottesville, VA), Transients and Timing conference (IUCAA, Pune, India), TMT Project.

2012: University of Maryland Astronomy colloquium, University of California Santa Cruz Astronomy colloquium, Caltech Astronomy colloquium, University of Virginia-NRAO (Charlottesville, VA) Astronomy colloquium, the 7th Harvard-Smithsonian conference on theoretical astrophysics (Cambridge, MA), University of Western Ontario Physics colloquium, UC-Irvine Astronomy seminar, Harvard-CfA ITC colloquium.

2011: University of California Berkeley Astronomy colloquium, NYU Astrophysics, Princeton Astrophysics seminar, University of California Santa Cruz Physics colloquium, International Pulsar Timing Array (Greenbank, West Virginia) conference, JPL Astrophysics seminar, LIGO labs seminar, University of Birmingham Astrophysics colloquium, Oxford cosmology seminar, University of Paris VI Astroparticle-Cosmology seminar, Harvard-CfA ITC seminar, University of Cardiff Astrophysics seminar.