Research group

In September 2016 I started a new research group in the Institute of Particle Physics, Mathematics and Astrophysics (IMAPP) at Radboud University thanks to an NWO Vidi grant and TOP grant. Since June 2018, most of my group & I are moving to GRAPPA at the University of Amsterdam, NL.

I am very excited to have several fantastic new group members:

+ Tanja Hinderer, Excellence fellow (sponsor, start August 2017)

+ David Nichols, postdoc

+ Mubdi Rahman (Johns Hopkins, summer 2016 only), postdoc

+ Patricia Schmidt (NWO Veni postdoctoral fellow since Jan 2018)

+ Andrew Williamson, postdoc (August 2017)

+ Bob Jacobs, MSci student (summer 2016 project at Caltech)

+ Yoshinta Setayawati, MSci student (-> starting PhD at Max Planck AEI-Hannover in Feb 2017)

+ Shaon Ghosh (main supervisor: Gijs Nelemans -> postdoc at UWM in Nov 2016 )

Other current collaborators: Kenta Hotokezaka (Princeton), Francois Foucart (UNH), Jennifer Barnes (Columbia, NYC), Dave Tsang (Southampton), Gregg Hallinan (CIT), Chris Hirata (OSU), Yanbei Chen (CIT), Mansi Kasliwal (CIT), Leo Singer (Goddard), Hiranya Peiris (UCL/Stockholm), Stephen Feaney (CCA), Daniel Mortlock (Imperial)