Research group

In 2016 I am starting a new research group in the Institute of Particle Physics, Mathematics and Astrophysics (IMAPP) at Radboud University thanks to an NWO Vidi grant and TOP grant. IMAPP at Radboud is a vibrant multi-disciplinary place of work.

I am very excited to have several fantastic new group members:

+ Priscilla de Canizares (starting March 2016), postdoc

+ David Nichols (starting September 2016), postdoc

+ Mubdi Rahman (Johns Hopkins, summer 2016 only), postdoc

+ Patricia Schmidt (starting October 2016), postdoc

+ Bob Jacobs, BSci/MSci student (summer 2016 project at Caltech)

+ Oliver Boersma, BSci/MSci student (with Gijs Nelemans; summer 2016 project at Caltech with main supervisors David Nichols and Patricia Schmidt)

+ Yoshinta Setayawati, MSci student (-> starting PhD at Max Planck AEI-Hannover in Feb 2017)

+ Shaon Ghosh (main supervisor: Gijs Nelemans -> postdoc at UWM in Nov 2016 )

Other current collaborators: Kenta Hotokezaka (HU -> CCA, NY), Jennifer Barnes (UCB), Dave Tsang (UMD), Gregg Hallinan (CIT), Chris Hirata (OSU), Neil Gehrels (Goddard), Yanbei Chen (CIT), Mansi Kasliwal (CIT)